The East Delhi Food Scene

What makes it unique?

From small eateries and quaint joints to charming sit-down cafes, from bustling lanes dishing out piping hot finger licking chole bhature to established hotel chains, East Delhi has truly covered the entire spectrum of culinary experiences. Often overlooked, this side of the city has hidden gems that set its food scene apart from the rest. In this blog, I've uncovered some exceptional street food places that deserve recognition.

Bhole Chature, Jhilmil Colony

Much like their unconventional name, their food offers a distinct and unforgettable taste. Their chole bhature are absolutely lip-smacking. From pillowy bhaturas to chole coated in a thick, aromatic gravy, this place stands out as a winner after trying many outlets. 

Samosa Hub, Krishna Nagar

With over 30 kinds of samosas, from malai paneer to pizza and chocolate, this place offers a unique twist on a classic snack.

Dhakkan Kachodi, Chota Bazaar Shahdara

Hidden in congested lanes, the craze around their offering is a mystery in itself. They serve dal-stuffed kachodis, paired with liquidy chickpea curry. The small and light kachodis make it perfectly acceptable to have more than one plate, and they come at just ₹15 per plate. 

Bhola Shankar Kachodi, Shahdara

This was started by late Shri Bhola Shankar in 1960. They offer crispy kachodis slathered with an aloo chickpea chaat, green chutney, and meethi chutney containing fresh fruits, this place is a true treat for the taste buds and is worth every hipe.

Shiv Tikki, Karkardooma

Quite popular now, The owner, originally from the South, fondly referred to as 'Anna' by locals has been in the business since 1992. You can spot his place easily because its always bustling with customers at karkardooma community center. Don't miss their golgappe, tikki, chaat, and pav bhaji whenever you visit.  

Charsi Chaap, Karkardooma

Run by a dedicated elderly couple, they serve a variety of delicious chaaps. Their Malai chaap and Punjabi masala chaap are mouthwateringly delicious.

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